Doug-Before Doug-After

  • High cholesterol
  • Sleep apena
  • Lack of mental focus
  • Could not bend or squat
  • In pain all day at work
  • Shoulder and knee problems
  • Lack of overall confidence
  • Pain free all day
  • Gets better sleep
  • More focused
  • Increased overall confidence
  • Overall strength increased 500%
  • Trains 5 times a week and loves it

“Two years ago, the highlight of my day was going home, sitting on the couch and eating whatever fast food I had bought after work. After training with Amped Fitness, it is hard to believe that was the life I lived. Not only was I in physical pain daily, but inside I was hurting too.I lacked confidence in all areas of my life.I was hesitant to go to the gym, but with such severe health factors, I knew I had to do something.Working with Amped Fitness was the best decision I made.The results I obtained from training, literally saved my life.My priorities have completely changed.Instead of going home to the couch, I look forward to training with Amped Fitness trainers who push me to my limits, inspire me and made me the person I am today. Working out is now part of my lifestyle and I absolutely love it. I have lost 140 lbs of body fat and gained 35 lbs of lean muscle mass as I completely regained strength and mobility in my knees. I still have 30 pounds to go but I know that I can and will do it because Amped Fitness gave me the tools and self confidence I need to get there.”

Doug Diehr

Josh-Before Josh-After

There are not enough words to describe how much Amped Fitness has changed my life. I struggled with weight loss my whole life, and tipped the scales at my max at 366 pounds. When I hooked up with Amped Fitness I started at 350 pounds and was slowly eating myself to an early grave or diabetes. Jp was great starting me off on a workout routine and offering diet advice that helped me to go from adjusting my life stye for the better to completely changing it. Jp is not only a great trainer but he will be a great friend once you choose to go with Amped Fitness. Not only is he there to train you for your workout, but he is available whenever you have a training tip when you aren’t with him, or whenever you want some diet advice. Jp truly works the hardest working trainer that I’ve been with and never clocks out. He is available whenever you have a question regarding your diet/ exercise and knows exactly what to do to inspire you. Take all your cliched thoughts of what a personal trainer is and leave them at the door. Jp will motivate you but will never patronize nor give up on you. He has the same goal as you do and he makes sure that the weight you lose stays off permanently. I don’t like to think where I would be without Jp and he does all this at a very affordable price. He truly enjoys inspiring others to exercise and eat well and he is by far the best trainer around.

Josh Amstutz

JohnHuges-Beforeweb JohnHuges-Afterweb

“I started going to JP over a year ago and the experience has been amazing! I wanted to be thinner and healthier without having to do anything. JP showed me that working out doesn’t have to be boring or a painful inconveniece. He showed me all kinds of techiniques on how to lose weight! I started seeing results almost instantly! In the blink of an eye I had lost 50 lbs! I feel great! my old clothes fit and I feel better about myself. JP has changed my life for the better!”

John Hughes

Ethan-Before ethan-after

“Since training with Amped Fitness, I have lost 67 pounds in only 6 months! The weight practically melted off me. Additionally, I can’t tell you how great the folks here are. Even though I work with JP for my training, everybody I’ve encountered here has been fantastic and very welcoming! I strongly suggest setting up a free session with one of the trainers and turning your life around! It’s definitely worth it!”

Ethan Brewer

clayton-before clayton-after

“When I started at Amped Fitness I had been working out on my own for about 6 months and dropped from 335lbs. to 290lbs. I was doing well by myself until I hit a wall and no matter what I did, the weight would not come off. So I did something I never thought I would do and called up JP and started personal training. Little did I know, it would be a changing point in my life. JP has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to training and will keep you motivated as much as he possibly can to get you where you want to be. I trained for 9 months and got down to 219lbs and added a substantial amount of muscle mass. I got in shape and felt 1000% better than I ever had before. If you stick with it and grind it out you will get there. It does get hard and it should be. You will meet your goals and exceed them with Amped Fitness.”



“I started at Amped with JP because I was stuck working out doing the same thing and not getting any results. I was getting married in a few months and wanted to shed the extra lbs before the big day. I loved how JP pushed me to do more than I ever thought and even when I wined and complained he just pushed me more. I looked perfect for my wedding and its because of JP! Wish I could have taken him with me to Denver I miss working out with him!”

Sarah Helms


Damien Massey

“I just finished up a year with J.P. at Amped Fitness. The level of fitness and strength I was able to achieve over the past year has been amazing–especially being a busy mom over 40! Every step of the way J.P. is encouraging and realistic, not at all intimidating or overbearing. He is a genuinely nice, down-to-earth person who wants to see you succeed, whatever your fitness goals, and will ensure you have the information and tools (&music) to do so. (I can’t thank him enough for indulging my Latin music obsession over the last year, lol. You are a true friend, J.P.!!)

“Besides having a great personal trainer, one of the perks of training with Amped Fitness is you workout in a private setting on your schedule, so you can forget the hassles of waiting for equipment or motivating yourself to “make it” to the gym. Scheduling is flexible–come early or late–just get there.

“Alas, there isn’t enough time to mention all the fun conversations and motivational tactics discussed over the last year, but rest assured you will not be disappointed & you will get results if you train with J.P. I thoroughly enjoyed it & wouldn’t hesitate one second to go back! All the best!”

Melissa McGary

“JP does a fantastic job of making effective workout, and while it’s hard work, it’s also fun. Not only does he provide a simple, yet involving program, he truly cares about his clients and takes the time to know them on a personal as well. Since starting in Summer 2013, I’ve restored most of the strength I had lost from my football injury and partying college days, and I can feel a greater energy in myself in my day to day life. His workouts are accommodating to almost all schedules and not only am I in my best physical condition since my high school years, I’m also more mentally alert. If you’re looking to get back in shape and have a busy lifestyle, you have to go see JP at Amped.”

Edward Mungo

“Years ago, when my life was falling apart around me, there was one constant and that was JP. I told him I wanted to get stronger and he said “no problem”. And he was right. Every time I thought I couldn’t do one more rep, he said, “Yes you can.” Every time I thought I couldn’t lift something, he again said, “Yes you can.” When I started to waiver he told me to keep going. Thirty pounds down and stronger than I’d ever been in my life, I thought maybe I could believe him.

“Time and circumstances took me a hundred miles away, and for awhile I didn’t follow through. I finally decided I needed to get myself back to what worked, what JP taught me. So at 4:30 in the morning when my brain says no way, I now hear, ‘Yes you can,” and I do.’

“Thank you JP. Thank you so much.”

Jayne Holden

“Amped Fitness is the place to go for personalized training. JP is very knowledgeable and does his very best to ensure that each client gets the most ouf of their time with him. He pushes you to reach your fitness goals and supports you every step of the way.”

Kelly Browser

“I started three years ago being trained by JP. Since then, I have lost 31 pounds and put on 15 pounds of muscle and I went from a 36 to a 30 inch waist. I’m stronger than I ever thought I would be and I can now bench 225 lbs , my goal of all time. I couldn’t have done it without JP’s help of pushing me and always being there for me when I didn’t want to go on. Thanks JP, you’re the best!”

Doug Pierce

“I have been working towards a wrestling state championship for years now and felt like I had accomplished everything I could do on my own. I signed up with Amped Fitness and in about three months I had dramatically increased my muscle strength, muscle mass and gained about 15 pounds of lean muscle, perfect for my sport. They train you exactly how you need to be trained for whatever your goal is. I feel like I am a million times closer to my championship ring since starting with Amped Fitness and I am going to continue working with them for as long as I possibly can! I love it! It’s a great environment and they push me to my limits and give me the confidence and reassurance to push myself even further. I wouldn’t work with anyone other than them. It’s fantastic. I urge everyone to start working with them not only to lose weight but to gain muscle mass or to just get into shape.”

Graham Gould

“One of the best programs here in Charleston. I have to change my weight and diet a lot depending on which roles I receive through my agency. Amped Fitness has been an amazing experience. They work with you one-on-one to provide optimal weight loss/gain and to implement healthy eating habits provide a routine, regimented diet that strips your body of what it doesn’t need and only puts in the goods. Without a doubt, Amped Fitness is the perfect setting to reach any goal in any amount of time!”

Storm Smith

“I love Amped Fitness! I started training with JP in September of 2012 and am now in my second 3 month plan. Major weight loss wasn’t my goal, as I was around my healthy weight, but that doesn’t mean I was in shape or happy about how I felt. After moving to Charleston a year ago and giving in to the temptations of Southern cooking, my healthy San Francisco lifestyle of running and eating consciously was pushed to the wayside. Although I started running again, I felt something was missing. I wanted to be stronger, more defined, and more motivated. I wanted this to become part of my life and not just a short term goal to “look good.

My work with JP has been truly transformational inside and out and I look forward to every session. He is extremely knowledgeable, open, and honest about what needs to be done for you to achieve your goals. The work isn’t easy (what an understatement) and I often drop an “F” bomb when I’m on my second set of Bulgarian lunges, but like JP says “If it were easy, everyone would be doing it”. He is a great motivator and always a text away if I ever have a question or need a little support.

My biggest reward, besides the killer definition in my arms and legs, is that I am so much stronger physically and mentally. Challenges are accepted, not excusable. There is no more “I couldn’t do that”, now I think “Heck yeah I can do that!”. It doesn’t mean I can do it right away, but I have that training mentality now. I have patience with myself that I never did. (When I first started doing kettle bell swings, I hated them! They were SO hard. Now, they’re still difficult, but my body and my brain sync up and get the job done and it feels amazing!) My running has improved tremendously and I am planning on running 3 races within the next four months.

Like I said, this isn’t easy work, but if you’re determined to look and feel your best, there is no one I’d recommend more than JP to get you on that track. He is a genuine soul that just wants everyone to be their very best self.

Just to throw some before/after stats out there: I am 5’0″ and started in at 116 with 23% body fat. I am now around 113-115 with 19% body fat. I train 3 times a week at high intensity and run around 15-25 miles a week (and that is increasing).”

Darcy Arnold

“I have been going to JP for 6 months, and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for honest, knowledgeable motivation, real results, and a twist of fun.

Back in the fall of 2012, I noticed that I had gained a little extra weight in the wrong places and began to feel bad about my body. I had tried the whole “going to the gym” thing in the past and, I’ll be honest, it didn’t work because I had no motivation to get up, get dressed, and drag myself to a place where I wasn’t familiar with anyone or any of the equipment. I am 5’2″ at 100 lbs., and wanted desperately to be more toned and strong without losing any significant weight. I found JP on the internet, and gave him a call. He responded incredibly promptly and really listened to me when I talked about what I wanted to do. I scheduled a free session just to try it out and, although it was hard and I was out of breath by the end, I actually felt good about myself. And I was hooked.

JP is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to training and the body, and is honest with you. If your technique is off, he tells you. If he thinks you can handle more weight, he pushes you (without being overbearing). He knows when you need to hear that you’re doing a good job. On top of being a good motivator, he’s hilarious and reiterates that you’re both real people with real goals, but also with real lives and schedules and personalities. He is professional, but makes you feel comfortable.

In the past six months, I have seen a significant change in my body. My legs are leaner (I finally have that little gap in between my thighs that I know a lot of women crave). My biceps, triceps, and back are toned without being “jacked’ looking. I actually feel, and am, stronger. I even sleep better and have more energy than if I just sat around my house all day.

If nothing else, JP has been an amazing person to work with in attaining a personal goal. His workouts are targeted, specific, and challenging. But they are, without a doubt, completely worth it.”

Cory Spears

Amped Fitness is a great group. I was only in Charleston for the summer, but I worked with JP to cut my body fat by over 1% a month and to increase overall strength and endurance through a combination of enjoyable training sessions and a simple diet plan. I can now run faster and further than I have been able to in a few years and am excited to continue living the lifestyle that JP helped me get into again. Thanks a million, Amped Fitness – you really know what you’re doing and I haven’t felt healthier!

Zach McCormick