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“Flipping the Weight Loss Switch”

I can remember it like it was yesterday, January 18th, 2011 I was laying in bed weighing 335lbs at 21 years of age depressed and tired of being obese. I had been overweight since my early childhood. The lack of confidence in myself held me back from doing a lot of activites that kids and young adults partake in i.e; going to the beach, dating, sports, school dances ect. I was thinking if I don’t do something now what could this turn into 350….375….400 pounds or if I take action and change my ways 275…250…225 pounds. So sitting at a fork in the road, the descion was mine to either fall further into obesity or to change my life for the better. So I hopped on the internet looking up personal trainers near me and found JP at the original Just You Fitness and scheduled a free evaluation session the very next day. Little did I know what I had just done to change my life with just one phone call. I had “Flipped the Switch”. I started out training three sessions a week and doing cardio on my own 6 days week eventually moving up to 4 sessions a week, I was hooked. Nine months later I’m sitting at 220 pounds with the knowledge and ability to maintain my healthy weight and never go back to being obese. The best part of the weight loss wasn’t the number on the scale changing it was the change in self-esteem and confidence. It was life changing, Im now 27 years old married to a beautiful caring wife and have a baby girl that will be one month old this week. Now looking back and reflecting on the day that I “Flipped the Switch” to start becoming healthy, I realize the impact that it had on changing my life for the better.

No matter what your goals are you have to start somewhere to achieve them. When will you “Flip the Switch” and start chasing down your goals and being the best version of yourself.