What does Personal Training with Just You Fitness offer?

  • Just You Fitness® trainers are experienced, certified personal trainers from accredited organizations.
  • Private personal training your gym can’t offer. No people staring. No distractions.
  • Just You Fitness trainers will design training programs specific to your goals and fitness level and will motivate you to reach your potential!
  • RESULTS! You will be so amazed by the results that you will wish you had started sooner! You have the power within you; we’ll help you unleash it.

Customized Training

Our professional fitness trainers design training programs and nutritional guidelines that are tailored to your exact needs. Our trainers can work around any particular injury or health concern you may have.


Staying consistent is the key to reaching your goals. We will hold you accountable both inside and outside of our training sessions.

We Track your Progress

Tracking your progress shows us both where you were and where you’re going. We weigh our clients, do body circumference measurements and body fat testing regularly to make sure you’re headed in the right direction.

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