“Flipping the Weight Loss Switch”
June 25, 2017


Why (Motive/Motivation) you or I do something is what is going to determine whether we are successful or not. Rarely is it an issue of ability or education, instead it is a lack of motivation. The biggest reason you and I fail is because when obstacles confront us, when the going gets tough, and the road becomes uncomfortable we lose focus.  Everyone faces obstacles that will separate focus from their goals, it’s how you stop analyze the obstacle, adapt and react that will allow you to get back on track.  We dont regain focus because our why/motivation wasnt strong enough to begin with.

What do you do?

1. Identity WHAT you want to do.
2. Then identity WHY you want to do it. MORE IMPORTANT!
3. What are the reasons this goal is important?
4. What are the obstacles you will face?
5. How, think actions you can take, to overcome these obstacles?
6. What character traits will you need to develop to do the above?

Write these out, place it someplace visible, and commit to it.


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